New features in SpaceCAD model rocket design software

The new version of SpaceCAD offers many improvements that you can see instantly when you run it the first time. You'll be delighted, so don't wait and check it out now!

Integrated Flight Optimization

Integrated Flight Analysis

The flight prediction display has been updated. SpaceCAD 6 computes the full flight, including recovery.


See all flight results at a glance, like maximum height and the flight events. Check the log to compare different configurations.


Change your rocket's configuration directly from the flight prediction display, like choosing a different parachute.

New tools

SpaceCAD computes your rocket's drift for different wind speeds, allows you to easily export the flight data and find the real coefficient of drag (cd).

Recovery Element

New Recovery Device

Parachute and Streamer

The new recovery device allows you to add parachutes and streamers to your design. It comes complete with database support and is the base for the integrated flight prediction.

Deployment Rules

Your rocket can have multiple recovery systems: Once your rocket reaches apogee, a small drogue parachute is ejected. This slows the rocket down, but makes sure it does not drift too far away. Once it reaches 25 meters, a huge main parachute is ejected to slow it down for the final descent.

Many improvements

We have worked on a lot of things to make SpaceCAD 6 easier and more fun to use. From an updated and streamlined user interface, to the new online help, many things have been improved.

Check it out now!

Improved Usability

Enjoy SpaceCAD's new beautiful icons, better placement of dialogs and intuitive handling of options.

Design Faster

Save time with SpaceCAD's huge database and new flight analysis

Full Backward Compatibility

Of course, you can still load all your SpaceCAD 4 and 5 model rocket designs.