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SpaceCAD for The American Rocketry Challenge (ARC)

SpaceCAD for The American Rocketry Challenge (ARC)

January 10, 2024
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The American Rocketry Challenge (ARC) is an annual rocketry competition for middle and high school students in the United States. ARC participants are tasked with designing, building, and launching a rocket that can carry one or more raw eggs to a specified altitude and then safely return it to the ground within a specific time window.

To succeed in the ARC competition, students need to create a rocket design that is both stable and efficient. One tool that can help students achieve this goal is SpaceCAD model rocket software.

Here’s why SpaceCAD is a good choice for the American Rocketry Challenge:

User-Friendly Interface

SpaceCAD has a user-friendly interface that is easy for students to learn and use. The software provides a drag-and-drop interface for designing rocket components, making it simple to create a custom rocket design.

Simulation Capabilities

SpaceCAD allows students to simulate their rocket’s flight characteristics, including altitude, speed, and stability. This can help students optimize their rocket design for maximum performance and safety.

Customization Options

SpaceCAD allows students to customize their rocket design with a variety of options, such as different fin configurations, engine types, and weight distribution. This can help students experiment with different design options to see how they affect their rocket’s flight characteristics.


SpaceCAD is a cost-effective tool that can save students time and money. By simulating their rocket’s flight characteristics before they build and launch it, students can identify any design issues early on and make any necessary design changes without having to rebuild or launch their rocket multiple times.


SpaceCAD can help students design and launch their rocket safely. By predicting their rocket’s flight trajectory, students can ensure that it will not pose a danger to people, property, or aircraft in the area.


SpaceCAD can help students comply with the ARC competition rules and guidelines. By designing and launching their rocket in a safe and responsible manner, students can help ensure that their rocket will be eligible for competition.

SpaceCAD is the perfect tool to help students participating in the Team America Rocketry Contest. By providing a user-friendly interface, simulation capabilities, customization options, cost-effectiveness, safety, and compliance, SpaceCAD can help students optimize their rocket design and achieve success in the competition.

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