SpaceCAD 5
Model rocket design and flight simulation

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Personal PC model rocket design software - now with improved visual designer.

SpaceCAD gives you the power to design and build reliable model rockets. You can assemble your rocket from a vast library of stock elements including nose cones, tubes, transitions, launch lugs, rings, and fins. Simulate numerous rocket flights in varying configurations and find out how high your rocket will fly, quickly and effortlessly.

Simulate your rocket's flight

Model rocket flight simulation

"How high will it fly?" ‐ Does that sound familiar? It's the first question we are always asked at the range. But maybe your first question is: how well will it fly, because you consider the time, energy and - not to forget - money you have put into your model rocket.

Now you can instantly have the answer to both of these questions. SpaceCAD tells you how your rocket flies before the actual rocket launch. You can simulate multiple rocket configurations before you go out. Make sure that your rocket makes a perfect vertical flight, even in windy conditions. And of course, virtual flights are free - because you don't have to buy an engine for each flight.

Design and analyze your rocket

Model rocket design

Go ahead: explore your creativity and design the model rocket you've been dreaming of. Tweak and style your design until it meets your expectations. See how great it looks before you build it. Be inspired from the included model rocket design templates.

SpaceCAD gives you complete freedom over the rocket design process, because you can choose from hundreds of stock elements to build your unique model rocket. Preview as 2D sketch or in 3D to see you how your finished rocket looks like. Quickly prototype with drag & drop editing and undo.

Ensure a safe recovery

Model rocket launch

Did you ever lose a rocket because it was too light for the parachute? Or because the rocket came down too fast? Searching for a rocket is a tough job, and losing one is even worse. But maybe you need to build your recovery system for an exact floating time, like in the Team America Rocketry Challenge.

SpaceCAD tells you instantly how long your rocket will take to land safely. It also allows you to analyze how far it will float. The recovery designer allows you to test multiple recovery systems to find out the best one for the current weather conditions. And the parachute designer allows you to build that perfect parachute.

Build it and make it real

Model rocket launch

When you've put a lot of time and energy into finishing your design you want to build it. There's a lot of work to be done like cutting fins, drilling holes in centering rings, aligning fin sets on the body tube and so on. Maybe you also want to sew your own parachute for maximum quality and perfect recovery?

SpaceCAD offers you a wide range of building support tools that help you make it real. Cut fins and align them perfectly on your finished rocket, build a transition from cardboard, see exactly where to drill the holes in centering rings. SpaceCAD also allows you to print templates for your own parachutes. These can be huge, SpaceCAD allows you to print patterns that span multiple pages.

The perfect tool for you!

If you are serious about model rocketry, SpaceCAD is the perfect add-on. Save time and money by designing your rockets on screen and build them faster using SpaceCAD's build tools. And if you're not happy, we're not happy: SpaceCAD comes with a 30 day money-back- guarantee - no questions asked.

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Keep up the great work, you're doing a fantastic job!
- Dave Procter

I love this software. For competition rockets this software is FANTASTIC!
- Martin Verna

Your product is simple and to the point. Anyone who is interested in rocketry should have this product. AND YOU CAN QUOTE ME!
- Chuck Stouffe

Rocket elements

SpaceCAD lets you build your model rocket from basic elements.

  • Structural elements

    Nose cone, body tube, transitions
    and up to three stages
  • Attached elements

    Attached to body tubes or transitions are
    fins and launch lugs
  • Internal elements

    Placed inside a structural element. They are bulkheads, centering rings, engines, inside tubes and mass objects.

The SpaceCAD parts database contains pre-designed rocket elements: More than 590 nose cones, 50 launch lugs, 260 transitions and 630 tubes offer you a wide choice of elements to build your rocket from, if you don't want to build the parts yourself. SpaceCAD also has an enormous motor database with 1000+ model rocket engines and the ability import new ones.

Stability Prediction

While you are designing your rocket, SpaceCAD all the time computes your rocket's Center of Gravity (CG), Center of Pressure (CP), stability and weight (empty, lift-off, at burnout).

Display in 2D and 3D

You can see the details of your rocket in the 2D-sketch or the 3D-view. You can easily zoom in to see important details. Your rocket's important data like lift- off weight and stability is always displayed.

The 2D-display mode shows you a sketch of your rocket. You can zoom into the screen to better analyze how the parts connect. SpaceCAD lets you directly change element properties like color.

The 3D-view shows you how your rocket will look like once it's finished. You can check the alignment of fins and launch lugs, so they don't interfere.

Flight Prediction

Unlike other rocket software, SpaceCAD's flight prediction requires just one click and it displays the graph of your rocket's flight profile. It also displays all relevant flight events like engine burnout and motor ejection times.

SpaceCAD computes your rocket's flight. It tells you how high your rocket will fly - and the optimum engine delay, how fast your rocket will go and its maximum acceleration. It will also give you the minimum launch rod length for this rocket and the best parachute diameter.

You just have to click the "launch" button and your rocket's flight is predicted.

Feature Spotlight: Launch site details

SpaceCAD lets you simulate how your rocket flies at different launch sites - for example, if you're in Florida and want to prepare for the different conditions in Virginia.

You can enter launch site details to realistically model the air which results in a more accurate flight prediction.

Build support

SpaceCAD includes the most sophisticated printout suite available today:

Get the most out of your hobby!

If you are serious about model rocketry, you need SpaceCAD:

And if you're not happy, we're not happy: SpaceCAD comes with a 30 day money-back- guarantee - no questions asked.

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