The American Rocketry Challenge

The American Rocketry Challenge

SpaceCAD is the perfect match - design, build and fly rockets
that will take you and your team to the TARC finals!


Give your team a winning edge in the upcoming American Rocketry Challenge 2020!

Designed for TARC

SpaceCAD was designed to support TARC teams from the start. Optimize your rocket's flight for weight, height and duration with SpaceCAD's powerful tools.

TARC engines

SpaceCAD contains all the engines that you need to compete in The American Rocketry Challenge TARC.



SpaceCAD has everything you need to build a complete model rocket. You can see the details of your rocket in the 2D-sketch or the 3D-view and zoom in the design for all those important details. Anytime, you see your rocket's important data like lift-off weight and stability.



SpaceCAD includes the most sophisticated printout suite available today that no other model rocket software can match. SpaceCAD allows you to save your fins and centering rings as SVG files. You can use these to print them with a laser cutter with high precision and build your rocket faster.



The recovery designer allows you to analyze and fine-tune your rocket's landing. This allows you to exactly see how long and how far away your rocket will float and how long it will take until it reaches the ground. You can also prepare different recovery systems by running multiple simulations for different wind speeds. So you are prepared for all wind situations!

“One of my students tried your software for the first time yesterday, and took to it like a duck to water.
She was the first one to finish a complete, original design that was stable and launched perfectly.
It really made her day! Thanks for such awesome software!”
Christopher Hoppner
Locust Valley CSD

All-in-one rocket design

Windows 10 compatible

You'll love that everything's done in a single interface, where you control all the aspects of your rocket.

Supporting TARC for more than 10 years in a row!

  • Elegant rocket design
  • Automatic stability calculation
  • Instant flight prediction
  • 2D and 3D rocket display
  • 1000+ rocket engines, 800+ rocket elements
  • Online help
  • 60+ ready-to-fly rocket designs
  • Certified by Microsoft for Windows 7 and Windows 10.
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Watch this video for an overview how SpaceCAD can help you and your team master TARC rocket design!