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model rockets
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Create amazing model rockets with
SpaceCAD for Microsoft Windows.


Design - Build - Fly

Design beautiful and reliable model rockets using SpaceCAD. Assemble your rocket from a vast library of elements from the huge parts databases.

Build your rocket and make it real: Export fins and centering rings as SVG files, build a transition from cardboard, see exactly where to drill the holes in centering rings.

Fly your rocket by simulating multiple rocket flights in varying configurations and ensure a safe recovery.

Design and analyze your rocket

Simulate multiple rocket configurations, make sure that your rocket makes a perfect vertical flight.

More about rocket design in our blog »

Simulate your rocket's flight

Find out how high your model rocket will fly and choose the right engine and the best delay.

More about flight simulation in our blog »

Ensure a safe recovery

Make sure that the rocket lands safely by choosing the right recovery - be it a streamer or a parachute.

More about recovery in our blog »

Rocket Designer

Rocket design doesn’t have to be rocket science.

Super-easy Prototyping

Easily assemble, preview and see how your finished rocket looks like, with drag & drop and features like undo. Always see your rocket's Center of Gravity (CG), Center of Pressure (CP), stability and weight.

Huge parts database with thousands of elements

Jump start your rocket design with SpaceCAD's rocket element pool with parts from well-known vendors like Estes, Quest or Aerotech.

SpaceCAD 2D view

2D Design

See the details of your model rocket design like the length of elements.

SpaceCAD 3D view

3D Design

See your rocket like it will look like once you have finished building it.

SpaceCAD 3D bottom view

3D top and bottom view

Check the alignment of elements using the 3D top and bottom view of your rocket.

Huge parts database

Build your rocket from a vast library of elements: nose cones, tubes, transitions, launch lugs, rings and rocket engines. Easily add your own parts to the database for easy reuse.

Ensure a true and stable flight

SpaceCAD tells you know all the time if your rocket will fly stable. It does that by computing your rocket's Center of Gravity (CG), Center of Pressure (CP), stability and weight.

Realistic Preview

Build your rocket and see the details in technical 2D or realistic 3D. Easily zoom in to see all the details. Important data like lift- off weight and stability is always visible.

Laser cut fins and rings

SpaceCAD allows you to save your fins and centering rings as SVG files. You can use these to print them with a laser cutter with high precision and build your rocket faster.

  • I love this software.
    For competition rockets this software is FANTASTIC!
    Martin Verna
    SpaceCAD Customer
  • Your product is simple and to the point.
    Anyone who is interested in rocketry should have this product.
    Chuck Stouffe
    SpaceCAD customer

SpaceCAD is the perfect tool for model rocketeers!

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Flight prediction

SpaceCAD’s flight prediction requires just one click and immediately displays the graph of your rocket's flight profile. It also shows all relevant flight events like engine burnout and motor ejection times.

Flight simulation

Find out how high your rocket will fly, the optimum engine delay, how fast your rocket will go and its maximum acceleration.

Recovery prediction

See the float time and drift depending on wind speed, test multiple recovery systems to find out the best one for the current weather conditions.

  Multiple Recovery Systems

You can use multiple parachutes or streamers for an exact floating time, like required in the TARC contest. This allows you to fine tune your rocket’s flight for best performance & safety. Never lose a rocket to wind drift again.

  Flight Optimization

SpaceCAD tells you how your rocket flies before the actual rocket launch. Simulate multiple rocket configurations and make sure that your rocket makes a perfect vertical flight, even in windy conditions.

  Drift Prediction

SpaceCAD tells you instantly how long your rocket will take to land safely. It also allows you to analyze how far it will float. The recovery designer allows you to test multiple recovery systems to find out the best one for the current weather conditions.

  Launch Site Setup

Simulate how your rocket flies at different launch sites - for example, if you're in Florida and want to prepare for the different conditions in Virginia.
Enter launch site details for a more accurate flight prediction.

  • “I am very fond of using SpaceCAD. The calculated results are very close to the actual values read by the altimeters.”
    Andreas Block
    Rocket Enthusiast and SpaceCAD customer

Print to Impress

SpaceCAD includes the most sophisticated printout suite available today
- and helps you build your rocket faster and easier.

Rocket data

The rocket datasheet is the perfect companion on the range. Print a parts list that contains all elements of your rocket.

Download a preview of rocket's fin printout

Fin guides

The fin-position/-alignment and cutout guides help you to cut your fins and align them perfectly on your finished rocket.

Download preview of rocket's patterns

Templates & Parachute

Templates for transition, nose cone or centering rings make building a lot easier. Use the parachute printer to build your own parachutes.

Perfect for you!

Model rocketry is a fantastic hobby - and you can make it even more fun with SpaceCAD!

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Understand and optimize your rocket’s performance

Build new and improve existing your model rockets, know their performance.

Prepare your Level-certification

Optimize your rocket's performance before building and launching it.

Trusted in more than 30 countries

Did you know that rocketry is a global hobby? SpaceCAD is used in more than 30 countries world wide.

Used in education

Schools use SpaceCAD as a valuable teaching tool and SpaceCAD is officially trusted by the world’s largest rocket competitions like the Team America Rocketry Challenge.

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